“The moon is gorgeous. I was just thinking tonight there were so many years where I would look at the full moon and be upset if it wasn’t kind of being celebrated, and it pretty much never was. No one I knew had the same respect for it in a way to acknowledge it so I have you to thank for that.”

-Ava R.

“The level 1 Reike class I participated in January was awesome. Not only did she reinforce my attunements, she also provided numerous meditations, opportunities for practicing Reike and friendships in a growing community of learners. I would recommend this class to everyone.”

-Lannae G.

“Very fun and interesting! I love these ancient traditions and blessings! Thank you!”

-Cari K.

“(Thank you for)… Your clear directions / guidance. Flexibility of the blessings – no concern about our “perfect” embodiment of the blessings. Thank you for the experiential learning.”

-Vonda A.

“Anne Marie is professional, knowledgeable and down to earth. She brings kindness and a relaxed sense of fun to the experience and has a true gift for teaching.

I enjoyed the Reiki 1 workshop very much and learned a lot. I loved, loved, loved the meditations. Very powerful for me. I never felt very much before during Reiki sessions, but now I can feel the energy as I do Reiki on myself. I’m doing the daily practice and look forward to continued improvement and positive life impact.”

M.P. M.

“Awesome class! And – I only wish I could have given 6 Stars.”

-Paul E.

“Thank you. The Brigit Blessing, Beautiful, empowering, loving community. Again Thanks.”

-Mariann K.

“Anne Marie – Fabulous presenter – Positive energy – nurturing. Great hand out”

-Joann B.

“I could have kept going all day! I hope you come back.”


“Thank you! This was a new experience for me. I feel very connected to the earth.’


“Looking forward to this journey of self-development with this group guided by such a beautiful soul! Thank you!”


“I’m in the Level 2 Class and it’s the highlight of my week. It’s so reverent and deep, and I learn things I could learn nowhere else. We honor the Divine in the world and within us, in natural ways, learning of past traditions, learning about energy, how to be centered and aware of our inner abilities. I love it!”

-Marti M.


-Tammy J.