Sacred Transformations Reiki Sessions

Happiness is an inside job. While we always have certain stresses in our lives and at times these can seem overwhelming – there are physical techniques we can learn which can help us to “reset” our internal sense of ourselves. These “reset” techniques make it easier for us to return to a place where we naturally refine and radiate our sense of inner confidence, balance and love.

In these 5 foundation sessions we will:

1) Make an assessment of our goals for sacred transformation.

2) I will work with you to make a series of energetic adjustments through Reiki treatments and additional meditative experiences to facilitate these goals.

3) Each session will include a skill building exercise to help you carry this “reset” experience forward so you can recreate it in your life away from the studio.

4) After the 5 sessions – you may find that your skills have offered you the “reset” you needed and are helping you move forward in a wonderful new light. If you wish to return to the studio for  additional sessions, you are always welcome! Individual sessions can be purchased here.

The Sacred Transformation Reiki Sessions are 2 hours intensive experiences, ideally taken over a 3 – 5 week period. The layered experiences of setting these appointments closer together helps facilitate the deeper inner change which is a goal of the sessions.  Click here to purchase a session package and contact me here for questions and to set up an appointment!

Sending lots of light and Love,

Anne Marie