Sacred Transformations Reiki Training

Sacred Transformations Reiki is an energy training program which teaches the skills of working with Reiki as a tool for spiritual growth and service to others.

The training programs of Sacred Transformations Reiki are longer than most western programs. Classes includes extra practices and experiences which open and purify chakra and meridian pathways, activate the healing chakras in the hands, give extra information and practice in techniques of self placements and practitioner placements, provide Holy Fire Healing Experiences to stimulate personal healing processes and teach the ability to offer these to others. These trainings offer additional instruction from traditions which trace their lineage directly to Dr. Mikao Usui, the founder of modern Reiki.

The result is a higher quality Reiki learning and transmission experience to help you utilize your Reiki for inner transformation and transformation in others more effectively. For instance, the foundation course, Reiki 1 “Self Healing and Purification”, is a 10 hour class taught over 2 full days, as is Reiki 2 “The Divine Symbols” and Reiki for Practitioners a combined level 1-2 program which provides extra training and focus in using Reiki as a tool for serving others.

Students gain deep benefit from these workshops at both a personal and practitioner level (both are great goals!). for those who have already received Reiki attunements, these workshops will deepen and augment the energies already available and are highly recommended for personal spiritual growth.

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