Events and Classes

Sacred Energy offers workshops and classes teaching about energy and earth based spirituality. Offerings include:

Four Week Intensives (taught as four 2 hour sessions, these classes are pre-requisites for the Sacred Energy Year and a Day training programs):

Sacred Meditation, an Introduction Class:  This hands on class teaches techniques for grounding, centering, meditation and visualization in spiritual development.  Curriculum includes guidance for creating altars and clearing and blessing the energy of your meditative space.

To Know Yourself is To Know the Way: Four week immersion into creating your personal spiritual journey record (also known as a Book of Shadows).  We explore writing and art as a means for documenting our development, as well as a way of setting and manifesting our intentions, as well as deepening the ethics of our work.

Chakra Intensive: Experience first hand the beauty and meaning of your chakras through a variety of readings, meditations and ritual. This class serves as a primer in connecting with the energy of your body systems for deepening your understanding your spiritual, emotional and physical health.

Symbolism as the Language of Your Intuition: How does our physical and dreaming world talk to us?  In this class we will learn how to identify the symbols around us and their personal meanings to our lives. Bring your tarot deck, classes will include study of the Tarot as a means for understanding some of these symbols and their relation to the stages of our lives.

Sacred Energy Year and a Day training programs a 3 year curriculum expanding knowledge of earth based rhythms, inner connection and empowerment of our personal path, group and individual ritual, psychic development and more. 

Sacred Energy Reiki Trainings – More than your average one day or even a few hour Reiki training sessions. you will not leave these classes scratching your head how to remember what you learned and how to proceed. These two day intensives include extra time for meditations, practices and rituals which will deepen your connection with the Reiki energy and increase your confidence in how to apply it. Activate your self healing skills, and train to become a Reiki Healer for yourself or for others.

Reiki 1A:  Reiki for Self Healing

Reiki 1B: Practitioner Intensive 

Reiki 2:  “The Divine Symbols” Certification – receive augmented energies and symbols for focused healing at all levels: mental and spiritual and across time and distance

Reiki 3A: “The Treasure of Enlightenment” Master Level Class.  Receive the Master Level Practitioner Energy and spiritual training.

Reiki 3B: Teacher and Ceremonial Training: Receive the Energy attunement of Brigit’s Holy Fire as well as certified training as a Master Level Reiki Teacher.  Includes templates for officiating Reiki ceremonies for others.

Sacred Energy Reiki Sessions – Five Reiki sessions received in a compressed time frame(ideally 5 weeks or less) incorporating self healing rituals, meditations and exercises. The Sacred Energy Reiki experience helps break through blockages and activate change when focused and immediate work is desired.