Sacred Energy School

Sacred Energy Year and a Day Training offers classes in energy work, earth-based and feminine spiritual traditions.  Programs are sequentially designed to provide an ongoing structure which will help students learn to feel happier in their bodies and lives, more connected to the earth, and to be strengthened in their feminine identities.

Daily Spiritual Practice Four Week Introduction Classes:

Explore the foundational concepts for the Year and A Day Training through four-week introduction intensives.  Upon completion of all four units, students may enroll in the Sacred Energy Three Year training program.

Meditation, Visualization and Home Altars: Is the foundation class for this program.  Explore techniques for grounding, centering, meditation and visualization while designing and dedicating your personal home altar space.

Know Yourself: Journaling for Manifestation and Magic: Explore writing and art as a means for deepening and documenting spiritual development. Set and manifest your intentions for personal growth, and explore ethics in energetic work.

Chakra Intensive: Experience first hand the beauty and meaning of your chakras through a variety of meditations, rituals and journal/art prompts. Connect with your energy systems to deepen your understanding of your spiritual, emotional and physical health.

Dialogue with your Dreams and Intuition: How do our physical and dreaming worlds talk to us?  In this class we will identify symbols in our daily and dreaming experiences and explore their personal meanings. Bring your tarot deck. Classes will include study of the Major Arcana of the Tarot as a means for understanding common esoteric symbols as well as spiritual development cycles.

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