Sacred Grove Year and a Day Training


Sacred Grove’s Year and a Day Wisdom School offers an in-person* or online training in the wisdom school traditions. Classes are offered in trimesters alternating with  7 – 8 week intensives throughout the year. The foundation class, Earth Based Spirituality, is a 16 week trimester and a prerequisite for most of the intensive programs which follow.
If you are interested in learning more about the Wisdom School or to receive notification when registration reopens for Fall 2018 or the Winter 2019 session, email or fill out a contact form here.
* In-person classes are offered in Indianapolis, IN but can also be hosted by small groups at any location. The exercises, meditations and rituals of this program are wonderful to experience with committed groups of 3 or more meeting on a weekly basis.
You will want to have one designated leader to help with prepping materials for ritual and taking care of meeting logistics. If you think you would like to be this person and form a group, please let me know.  This is a wonderful and transformative experience, don’t miss it!