The Beauty Way

Wherever the goddess was, beauty was

Wherever the goddess was, beauty was.
Beauty flowed out from her like water,
like the light blue gown she wore, the gown
that carried the sweet smell of her presence
that hung as heavy as incense in the air.
Beauty flowed from her, like her thick gold hair
that spread out over her broad shoulders,
beauty flowed out from her like light,
radiating the brightness of lightning,
beauty blazing through the world,
wherever the goddess was.
- Homeric hymn to Demeter

In ancient times the feminine was revered for her innate powers of creation, insight, and beauty. Like the flowers in nature that opened in a dazzling glory of form, color and scent for pollination, the yin and receptive side of humanity was recognized for her gracefulness and life giving powers. She was revered for her power to attract and bless those who came to her and drank of her beauty.

In more recent times these powers have been overshadowed by humanities drive to dominate and control its environment and each other. But the need to come together, to depend on each other, to draw others to us is in the end the most powerful human drive. Ancient religions taught women and men how to harness power from within through energetic, not physical strength. We can reclaim this strength now.